​Brain suspension technology was developed to deliver the utmost in efficiency on the trail. Whether it's at the front or rear of a bike's suspension, it's able to differentiate between rider input and trail bumps, ensuring that your pedaling forces aren't being wasted in compressing the suspension.

​The Specialized Foundation uses cycling as a tool for children to achieve academic and social success.​

​See how we’re endeavoring to improve the lives of kids with ADHD through cycling.

Visit www.specialized.com and learn more about Specialized Foundation.



 About Specialized




We blazed the trail in active and independent suspension, and have been refining it ever since. FSR technology delivers more comfort, control and efficiency than any other suspension design, by effectively isolating chain and brake loads. Through our 20-year progression of FSR we’ve been able to tune the ride to match the experience. The result: FSR technology is used to capture both Cross-Country and Downhill World Championships.

The Future Shock is a revolution is smooth, delivering 20mm of travel without degrading speed, handling, or comfort. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Through a focus on axial compliance, it breaks the mold of what we thought was possible in bicycle design. Find out how we did it.

FACT, short for Functional Advanced Composite Technology, embodies our approach to carbon composites. It's a comprehensive engineering process that guides the development of frames and components, all the way from initial sketches to finished products.

Their mission is simple—to be the brand of choice for discerning riders. Founded on performance and fueled by innovation, our focus on the rider and their needs is our constant. From seasoned pros and weekend warriors, to kids and commuters—if you ride, we’re for you.

We believe bikes have the power to change lives. This simple truth drives us to be—and do—better. The passion we have for sharing our love of bikes with the world can be seen in those who choose to work here, and the people and organizations we partner with.

​Some would say that aluminum's heyday has passed, but we know better. With the attention of the best minds in the business, we've continued to innovate & elevate aluminum designs, technologies, and constructions, making both professional-grade frames and hard wearing essentials.

The irony of taping tubes & tools to your dream bike isn't lost on us. But where we saw a problem, we made a solution. Our SWAT technology is a revolution in utility, with integrated solutions that let you say goodbye to unsightly hacks and hello to putting everything you need right where you want it.