The AWOL is equal parts versatility and durability, all in one perfectly balanced package. Whether it's navigating through the urban jungle as your commuter rig or strapping on panniers to explore the back roads less traveled on a bikepacking adventure, the AWOL relishes either challenge. So go ahead, plan your next adventure or see where you daily commute will take you. With the AWOL, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Cyclocross demands a lot from both bike and rider, and the CruX has been engineered to give the precise and efficient performance needed to win races, and the durability to win them every weekend. The frame's geometry and character has been created with input from some of the world's most accomplished racers, making for an agile, easy-to-shoulder bike that is as fun to ride in a World Cup as it is in the local woods.​








The Shiv is a truly triathlon-specific bike. Not only have the frameset and integrated cockpit been honed in our Win Tunnel, shaping its crosswind-optimized design, but we've also worked to keep the athlete as aero as possible. That's why we created an integrated hydration bladder and hid it in the frame, while also providing built-in storage for food and tools. This way, there's no need to break the aero tuck to drink or eat.​



If riding for the long haul is your business, the Sequoia makes sure that your business is good. It's built for going the distance, with a geometry that's at once both comfortable and efficient. And with all of the rack, fender, and bottle mounts you could ever ask for, the sky is the limit as to what this bike can do.

The Langster efficiently transfers power into speed through its exceptionally stiff, hydroformed tubing,

so it responds powerfully to effort. The track

specific geometry and short head tube let riders

take a long-and-low position over the bars, helping you stay out of the wind in both sprint and

endurance events. And to withstand the regular

wheel changes and high clamping forces of the

track, the rear dropouts are

cut from stainless steel.